Candlelit Cathedral Late - Pilgrimage Find out more...

6 March, 19:00 - 21:00
Southwark Cathedral

In Medieval times, there was a practice called Measuring to the Saint. If you needed spiritual or physical help or healing, you could get your body measured from head to toe with a length of string or thread, curl it up and sent it to the nearest Cathedral or Abbey, where the monks would make a candle from it, light it and then pray for your eternal soul. 

Michelle will use this practice to create the artwork itself, simply by measuring hundreds of people then using their lengths of string to assemble the piece. Hundreds of lengths of string, each one knotted to another, will collectively veil the altar in a hanging forest of string, spanning the 10.6m height of the Sanctuary. Thirteen candles, each unique and with a wick measured to the saint, stand sentinel across the sanctuary, bearing witness throughout Lent. 

Michelle will be on-hand throughout the evening to talk to visitors about this incredible artwork.

The Cathedral will be infused with incense and the air will be punctuated by music as we take you back to the 12th century.